6 Tips For Maintaining Work-Life Balance During COVID-19

How to maintain work life balance while working remotely

Stressed out? You’re not alone. 70 percent of workers say that COVID-19 is the most stressful period of their career, topping major historical events like 9/11 and the Great Recession. What started out as a temporary excuse to sleep in an extra hour, wear pajamas all day and spend extra quality time with family has […]

5 Tips for Advancing Your Career Through Sponsorship

Sponsorship tips for women

Did you know that in 2015 there were more CEOs named John than female CEOs in total? Yes, seriously. Fortunately, we’ve seen a slight improvement in the number of women in top leadership positions since then but there’s still a long way to go. We look forward to the day when women will be equally […]

6 Tips For a Successful Sponsorship Program

Tips for Successful Sponsorship

Women outnumber men at almost every educational level and hold over half of all professional-level jobs, yet they make up only 24% of senior management roles and a mere 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Despite all the focus this issue has received in recent years, the pace of change has continued to be agonizingly slow. […]

How to Be an Ally to Women of Color at Work

How to be an ally to women of color in the workplace

The recent killing of George Floyd has put racism in America under the microscope and ignited global calls for change, leading many to examine the deep-rooted injustices that exist in our society not only when it comes to police brutality, but in all areas of life including the workplace. As stated by Women of Color […]

3 Tips For Coping With Feeling Overwhelmed

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaHg-GOIruc Today we’re sharing three tips for coping with feeling overwhelmed. At Her New Standard we focus on advancing women in the workplace. We get the extreme pleasure of working with really talented, successful, ambitious women and oh boy – in the last few weeks, we keep getting asked this question: “How do I cope […]

How to Project Confidence In Interviews – Even When You’re Not Feeling It

Woman leader at job interview

By Ann Kaiser, Career Coach, Annkaiser.com I’m a career coach and PR Director in New York City who’s recently found myself interviewing again after becoming one of the millions laid off during the coronavirus pandemic. Although these layoffs are the result of a pandemic and not performance, it can understandably leave one’s confidence a little […]

3 Questions That Will Help You Define Your Leadership Brand

How to Define Your Leadership Brand with Denise D'Agostino of Her New Standard

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt6cFEw9v9c Is it easy for you to answer the question, “What’s your leadership brand?” If it’s fuzzy for you, you’re not alone.  Being able to clearly articulate who you are as a leader can help you inspire and influence others. We believe three factors help you identify your unique value proposition: 1. What are you […]

8 Strategies To Stay Visible While Working Remotely

Women at computer on zoom call

Do you find it difficult to communicate your value in a way that doesn’t feel self-promoting? For many of us, particularly women, it can feel more comfortable to let our results speak for themselves rather than sharing our accomplishments directly. This can backfire in the best of circumstances, but is particularly risky now. How do […]

10 Common Habits that Minimize Your Leadership Presence

Woman giving a presentation in meeting room

No matter how capable you are, the way that others perceive you and your value will largely be determined by how you present yourself. Oftentimes we unknowingly undermine our value by the way that we speak, the words we use and our body language. The first step to remedying this is to bring awareness to […]

Strengthen your Immune System with One Simple Practice

Journaling prompts for women leaders

COVID-19 has forced many of us to slow down, significantly alter our daily routines and hunker down at home. For the “doers”, the “fixers”, and the “go-go-goers” among us, the knowledge that you’re most helpful in fighting the pandemic when you’re social distancing at home can leave you feeling stir-crazy and powerless. When things feel […]