Her New Standard shifts old ways of thinking both for the organization and women leaders. With confidence and vision, women bring diversity of thought to the top of the house to offer fresh and innovative ideas. Systems change and businesses thrive.

How To Create Your Leadership Brand

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you already have a personal leadership brand. Everything you do or say (or ...

How to ask for feedback

How to Ask For Feedback (That’s Actually Helpful)

Receiving feedback is essential to reducing the blind spots that can derail a successful career. However, research has found that ...

How unconscious bias hurts organizations

4 Tips to Combat Unconscious Bias In Your Organization

Having a diverse workplace has been proven to result in greater creativity, better decision making and a healthier bottom line. ...

Essential resources for women leaders

4 Essential Resources for Women Leaders

Today, there is no shortage of information at our fingertips. Data, statistics, words of wisdom and qualitative research can come ...

Introducing Her New Standard

You Spoke, We Listened: Introducing Her New Standard

Exciting news! We can’t wait to share. We’ve grown and with our growth comes a new name – Her New ...

women at desk typing

3 tips for making the most of mistakes

It’s happened again: that great idea of yours turned out to be a big fail. You spent a lot of ...

african american woman at board

Kick Start Your Goals

The start of a new year has traditionally been linked with reflection, goal setting, and – with the right mindset ...

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Relax and Recharge: A Must for Women Leaders

Do you feel run down or out of control? Well, you’re not alone. Burnout has become a crisis in this country, ...

business people discussing at meeting

The Gifts and Perils of Feedback

Many of us inwardly cringe when we know a boss or colleague is gearing up to give us feedback. Particularly ...

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Good Habits Make Good Leaders

Creating a new behavior or changing a negative behavior that has been ingrained in you for years – maybe decades ...


Women’s Leadership Panel
Pharmaceutical Industry

When: 1/11/21
Where: Virtual

TechUP for Women
Reboot: Your Powerful Presence for 2021

When: 1/12/21
Where: Virtual
Visit the website

Fast Track
Virtual Leadership Bootcamp

When: 2/23/21
Where: Virtual

HNS Accelerate
For Women Leaders on the Rise

When: 4/21/21

past events

Unlocking Your Potential

When: 12/16/21
Where: Virtual

Champion Your Career Workshop
Societe Generale Women’s Network

When: 9/23/20
Where: Virtual

Fast Track
Virtual Leadership Bootcamp

When: 9/29/20
Where: Virtual

BD Women’s Network
What Holds Women Back

When: 10/7
Where: Virtual

HNS Accelerate
For Women Leaders on the Rise

When: 10/21/20
Where: Virtual
Visit the website

HNS Women’s Leadership Development Roundtable
Best Practices for Measurement Tools

When: 9/18/20
Where: Virtual

Women Trial Lawyers Caucus
The Resilient Lawyer: Create a New and Better Normal

When: 9/11/20
Where: Virtual

Cultivating a Powerful Leadership Brand
Angelo Gordon's Women’s Network

When: 7/22/20

Accelerating Your Potential
Angelo Gordon's Women’s Network

When: 7/15/20

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