What Really Holds Women Back: The ‘Broken Rung’

Closing the Gender Gap

Given all of the buzz around gender inequality in the workplace, you’d think we’d finally be making some real progress. But despite the non-stop media coverage, it’s estimated that at our current rate of change, it will take until the year 2085 for women to reach parity with men in leadership roles in the United […]

How To Create Your Leadership Brand

How to Create Your Leadership Brand - Her New Standard

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you already have a personal leadership brand. Everything you do or say (or don’t do or say) communicates your identity as a leader to those around you. When you intentionally define your leadership brand, you’re able to shape the way you’re perceived by others and clearly communicate who […]

How to Ask For Feedback (That’s Actually Helpful)

Creative employees meeting in office

Receiving feedback is essential to reducing the blind spots that can derail a successful career. However, research has found that while 87% of employees want to “be developed” in their job, only one third say they have actually received the feedback they need to improve. Furthermore, HBR found that women are systematically less likely to […]

4 Essential Resources for Women Leaders

Essential Resources for Women Leaders - Her New Standard

Today, there is no shortage of information at our fingertips. Data, statistics, words of wisdom and qualitative research can come at us with lightning speed, from a myriad of sources and in a variety of forms. According to Fast Company, we consume five times as much information today as we did 35 years ago. That’s […]

3 tips for making the most of mistakes

woman at desk typing

It’s happened again: that great idea of yours turned out to be a big fail. You spent a lot of time and energy on something that went nowhere, which has left you feeling demoralized, frustrated and – most of all – vowing to never let this happen again. But the truth is, it will because […]

Kick Start Your Goals

African American Woman at Board

The start of a new year has traditionally been linked with reflection, goal setting, and – with the right mindset — excitement about a fresh start to a new year. By February, often that excitement has dimmed and best intentions have receded to the background. So before the new year gets away from you, now […]

Good Habits Make Good Leaders

Good Habits Make Good Leaders - Her New Standard

Creating a new behavior or changing a negative behavior that has been ingrained in you for years – maybe decades – can seem insurmountable. But shedding old habits for better ones is worth the effort and is an important step to becoming an effective leader in your organization. What habits are particularly critical for women […]

What Holds Women Back? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

There’s a lot of focus on women in leadership these days. It seems like every week we see a new study, article or podcast on women’s advancement and the challenges they face. And we hear encouraging stories about women that have ascended to the CEO ranks at Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, IBM and […]