Courageously Giving and Receiving Feedback in the Workplace

How to give and receive feedback in the workplace

Feedback is a critical skill for leaders at every level. In this blog, we break down how to: 1) ask for feedback proactively, 2) receive feedback with an open mind, and 3) give others feedback effectively and constructively. These strategies can transform the feedback process from a potentially uncomfortable interaction to a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Partner Perspective: Work-Life Wellness with HNS Co-Founder Karen Kirchner

Karen’s journey mirrors the struggles many of us face—overwhelm and overwork. Yet, she realized it wasn’t the job’s demands causing the strain. In this month’s Partner Perspective, HNS Co-founder Karen Kirchner has some invaluable insights to share to reduce overwhelm and discover a more balanced life.

How Gender Equality Drives Innovation

How Gender Equality Drives Innovation

In honor of International Women’s Day this month, we want to highlight the importance of gender equality in driving innovation across all industries. In today’s rapidly changing and competitive landscape, being innovative is more important than ever…

Words of Wisdom for Women Leaders

This month, we are honored to have four of Her New Standard’s executive coaches share some words of wisdom with us. Each has extensive experience working with women leaders…

How to Make This Your Best Year Yet: Resources for Women Leaders

How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Research shows that most people ditch their New Year’s Resolutions by January 19th. As the holiday season comes to an end and we’re once again faced with the demands of our everyday lives, it can feel overwhelming to create space for meaningful change. If you’re feeling discouraged, […]

4 Tips to Combat Unconscious Bias In Your Organization

Man and woman speaking in office

Having a diverse workplace has been proven to result in greater creativity, better decision making and a healthier bottom line. And yet, despite many well-intentioned diversity efforts, we still find mostly white men at the top of organizations. What’s getting in the way? Unconscious bias is one important factor. According to Catalyst, the global non-profit […]

4 Essential Resources for Women Leaders

Essential Resources for Women Leaders - Her New Standard

Today, there is no shortage of information at our fingertips. Data, statistics, words of wisdom and qualitative research can come at us with lightning speed, from a myriad of sources and in a variety of forms. According to Fast Company, we consume five times as much information today as we did 35 years ago. That’s […]

You Spoke, We Listened: Introducing Her New Standard

Happy employees

Exciting news! We can’t wait to share. We’ve grown and with our growth comes a new name – Her New Standard: The playbook for women leaders Over the winter, we received feedback from our clients, as well as fellow experts in the fields of gender equity and leadership development, and we realized we’ve grown beyond […]