Overcoming Barriers to Delegation

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Delegating effectively can also be one of the most difficult things for leaders to do. What can leaders do to overcome these barriers to delegation?

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

The term “imposter syndrome” has now become quite ubiquitous, and individuals suffering from it often use it to describe feelings of inadequacy and the belief

5 Steps to Successful Delegation For Managers

5 Steps to Successful Delegation

https://youtu.be/kpzVBcByrrc Delegating – As a leader, this is one of the most important tools that we have. It allows us to accomplish tasks from the complex and strategic to the routine and everyday tasks that need to happen. When we effectively delegate, or we assign work to others, it provides opportunities to build individual and […]

How to Build Strategic Relationships That Lead to Career Advancement

How to build strategic relationships, Karen Kirchner, Her New Standard

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1xzClD1_gE Watch as Karen Kirchner, founding partner of Her New Standard, shares her top tips for building strategic relationships to advance your career. Are you frustrated by your lack of career advancement? Do you want help fast-tracking that next promotion? If so, then keep reading to learn our top tips for building strategic relationships that […]

4 Tips for Getting Promoted While Working From Home

How to Get Promoted While Working Remotely

Trying to get a promotion is nerve-wracking enough. When you add work-from-home conditions in the mix, the intimidation factor skyrockets. How do you get your boss to notice your hard work when you only see each other through a screen? In an ideal world, working from home should equal the playing field for women. According […]

Why Having Women at the Top Makes all the Difference

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We’ve all heard about studies showing that companies with greater diversity and inclusion perform better. Gender-diverse environments in particular are linked to increased retention and engagement, as well as greater innovation and healthier balance sheets. But new evidence shows an even more compelling case to be made for the benefits of having women at the […]