Words of Wisdom for Women Leaders

This month, we are honored to have four of Her New Standard’s executive coaches share some words of wisdom with us. Each has extensive experience working with women leaders…

Quiet Quitting: What Companies Should Know

Quiet quitting

The term “quiet quitting” is a misnomer, as employees aren’t actually leaving their jobs. Rather, it means that employees are staying in their jobs, but committing to doing only what is specifically required of them, and nothing more.

Overcoming Barriers to Delegation

Woman leading business meeting

Delegating effectively can also be one of the most difficult things for leaders to do. What can leaders do to overcome these barriers to delegation?

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

The term “imposter syndrome” has now become quite ubiquitous, and individuals suffering from it often use it to describe feelings of inadequacy and the belief

5 Steps to Successful Delegation For Managers

5 Steps to Successful Delegation

https://youtu.be/kpzVBcByrrc Delegating – As a leader, this is one of the most important tools that we have. It allows us to accomplish tasks from the complex and strategic to the routine and everyday tasks that need to happen. When we effectively delegate, or we assign work to others, it provides opportunities to build individual and […]