Overcoming Ageism: The Timeless Power of Executive Presence for Women Leaders

Overcoming Ageism with Executive Presence

In the realm of leadership, ageism poses a distinctive hurdle for women, whether they are young professionals or seasoned veterans. According to an article in Harvard Business Review titled “Women in Leadership Face Ageism at Every Age” by Amy Diehl, Leanne M. Dzubinski, and Amber L. Stephenson, ageism is a systemic issue that affects women […]

Transparency in Business: How Women Leaders Can Build Trust in the Workplace

Impostor syndrome

Trust is vital to any relationship. It’s no surprise then that trust also is paramount to the relationship between employees and their organizations. Companies that focus on creating a culture of trust enjoy higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and commitment to the organization’s mission and goals…

How Women Leaders Can Say “No” to Drive Career Growth

How to say no for women leaders

Early in their careers, women often distinguish themselves by being willing to take on any task that’s thrown at them–and doing it well. They become known as dependable team players who take the meeting notes and plan the teambuilding events. However, this reputation has its downsides…