Summer 2022 Resource Roundup for Women Leaders

Essential Resources for Women Leaders - Her New Standard

As we enter the final month of the summer season, we have gathered a list of resources related to women’s leadership development that we recommend reading, watching and listening to. Whether you’re on the road and looking for a good podcast or on the beach searching for an article or book to inspire you, we […]

How To Choose a Women’s Leadership Development Program

Ellen facilitating women's leadership development group

Though leadership development is a top priority for many businesses and receives more funding than any other type of corporate training, a shocking 71 percent of organizations believe that their leaders are not ready to lead the organization into the future. Why is it that after investing large amounts of money in leadership training, many […]

5 Tips for Advancing Your Career Through Sponsorship

Sponsorship tips for women

Did you know that in 2015 there were more CEOs named John than female CEOs in total? Yes, seriously. Fortunately, we’ve seen a slight improvement in the number of women in top leadership positions since then but there’s still a long way to go. We look forward to the day when women will be equally […]

6 Tips For a Successful Sponsorship Program

Tips for Successful Sponsorship

Women outnumber men at almost every educational level and hold over half of all professional-level jobs, yet they make up only 24% of senior management roles and a mere 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Despite all the focus this issue has received in recent years, the pace of change has continued to be agonizingly slow. […]

How to Be an Ally to Women of Color at Work

How to be an ally to women of color in the workplace

The recent killing of George Floyd has put racism in America under the microscope and ignited global calls for change, leading many to examine the deep-rooted injustices that exist in our society not only when it comes to police brutality, but in all areas of life including the workplace. As stated by Women of Color […]

9 Common Pitfalls of Goal Setting (And What to Do Instead)

Woman setting goals at desk

Most high-achieving women have no shortage of ambitious goals, but often, despite our best intentions and a true desire to succeed, our goals take a backseat as our jobs, families, friends, and other personal obligations compete for our time and attention. Today we’re sharing 9 common pitfalls of goal setting (and how to remedy them) […]

Don’t Start the New Year Without Doing This

Journaling during the holidays

With the New Year comes the promise of a fresh start and the desire to push our boundaries to become the best versions of ourselves. Take a break from the pace of the holiday season to reflect on the year that has passed and set intentions for the year to come with one of our […]