How to Deal With Feedback as a Woman Leader

The Gifts and Peril of Feedback - Her New Standard

Many of us inwardly cringe when we know a boss or colleague is gearing up to give us feedback. Particularly if we tend to be perfectionistic, hearing others’ criticisms can be especially stressful. We may have a tendency to discount the accolades and obsess over areas needing improvement, using it as an opportunity to reinforce […]

6 Essential Habits for Women Leaders

Good Habits Make Good Leaders - Her New Standard

Creating a new behavior or changing a negative behavior that has been ingrained in you for years – maybe decades – can seem insurmountable. But shedding old habits for better ones is worth the effort and is an important step to becoming an effective leader in your organization. What habits are particularly critical for women […]

What Holds Women Leaders Back? It’s More Complicated Than You Think

There’s a lot of focus on women in leadership these days. It seems like every week we see a new study, article or podcast on women’s advancement and the challenges they face. And we hear encouraging stories about women that have ascended to the CEO ranks at Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, IBM and […]