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2021 New Years Resolutions

How to Make This Your Best Year Yet

How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? Research shows that most people ditch their New Year’s Resolutions by January 19th.

As the holiday season comes to an end and we’re once again faced with the demands of our everyday lives, it can feel overwhelming to create space for meaningful change.

If you’re feeling discouraged, remember that small actions repeated consistently over time lead to BIG results. We challenge you to carve out just 20 minutes per day to take action towards your most important goal. Do that home workout. Download the app and start meditating. Take that online course.

At HNS we’re committed to supporting you in becoming the best version of yourself. Check out this list of our favorite resources to help you unleash your leadership potential and make this your best year yet!

If you want to show up more powerfully this year…
Secrets to Confidence for Every Woman Leader
How to Create Your Leadership Brand
The Secrets Of Leadership Presence For Every Woman Leader

If you want to contribute to gender equity in your workplace…
How Unconscious Bias Hurts Your Organization
What Holds Women Back?

If you want to reduce stress, unleash your creativity and beat burnout…
The Secret to Getting Ahead is Slowing Down?
How To Use Mindfulness To Increase Your Team’s Creativity

If you want to cultivate self-awareness, focus on personal growth, and build resilience…
How to Kickstart Your Goals
How to Start The New Year Right (Creation-Completion Exercise)
How to Ask For Feedback (That’s Actually Helpful)

Make sure to also check out our resources page for a list of some of our favorite books, podcasts, and articles for women leaders!

Fast Track the Development of Your Women Leaders with HNS

Are you ready to catapult the influence and impact of rising women leaders in your organization? Our 4-month virtual leadership intensive for women equips participants with the skills needed to confidently navigate and lead others through these turbulent times and beyond.

Essential resources for women leaders

Fast Track includes:

  • 6 highly interactive virtual trainings on Leadership Presence and Branding, Managing the Inner Critic and Strategic Thinking.
  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions to ignite thinking and address individual challenges.
  • A community of women leaders from diverse industries to help broaden perspective and insight.
  • And more!

Fast Track begins September 29. We’d love to have you join us!

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Want to accelerate the development of your women leaders? Join us September 21st for Fast Track!
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