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Welcome to Her New Standard, a pioneering platform dedicated to empowering women leaders to achieve their full potential. Our women’s leadership development programs are designed to enhance influence, foster confidence, and cultivate a diverse community of impactful female leaders. We believe that gender diversity at the top fosters innovation, enhances decision-making, and propels organizational growth.

Her New Standard sets a new norm for women’s leadership by helping organizations accelerate the leadership potential of their female talent and drive business results.

Our award-winning, research-based leadership development programs equip women with the latest leadership skills and strategies needed to break barriers and establish their own new standard.

Her New Standard sets a new norm for women’s leadership by helping organizations accelerate the leadership potential of their female talent and drive business results.

Our award-winning, research-based leadership development programs equip women with the latest leadership skills and strategies needed to break barriers and establish their own new standard.

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why women's leadership development matters

Women’s leadership development is more than just a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative for forward-thinking organizations. Our tailored programs focus on bridging the gender leadership gap by providing women with the tools, knowledge, and network necessary to excel in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Through comprehensive leadership training, executive coaching, and skill-building workshops, we aim to break barriers and create a sustainable pipeline of women leaders.

HNS Leadership Journey

The transformative journey with Her New Standard’s women’s leadership development programs starts with self-exploration. This sets the foundation for the growth ahead.

A supportive manager plays a crucial role as both an activator and advocate throughout all stages in the participant’s journey. They help integrate learnings into the workplace culture, offering guidance, support, feedback, and growth opportunities beyond the program.

Key Stages

A critical part of the journey is to become aware of the inner critic, irrational beliefs, and limiting behaviors that are inhibiting success. Participants embrace their inner champion and define their leadership brand. As self-awareness deepens and skills are honed, the current self begins to evolve into the future leader.


This growth and transformation is facilitated through mindfulness, recognizing their unique contributions, and cultivating a leadership mindset.


Within a safe and inclusive space, participants engage with a powerful community of peer groups, coaches, mentors, and sponsors. This empowering environment allows women to explore and share their leadership challenges and strengths.


Ultimately, the HNS Leadership Journey empowers participants to advance and evolve into powerful future leaders, equipped with the tools and mindset to thrive.

explore our offerings

We offer a diverse array of women’s leadership development programs and services, from our flagship Accelerate program and Fast Track intensives to specialized programs for women of color. Our services extend to executive coaching, empowering workshops, and tailored organization-specific solutions. Discover the perfect program to meet your unique leadership needs and foster lasting transformation.

Ellen and Denise coaching a group of women leaders


Accelerate is our flagship innovative 6-month program for women leaders that combines executive coaching, skill building, and the power of peer accountability to unlock potential and accelerate career development.

Fast Track

Fast Track is a 4-month streamlined leadership intensive program for women who are on the fast track for greater responsibility. This virtual program is your sure-fire, turn-key solution that catapults women to new levels of influence and impact.

Denise D'Agostino, Partner of Her New Standard, Coaching Participant

Executive Coaching

We offer both 3-and 6-month executive coaching engagements for rising leaders and senior executives to enhance leadership capacity and facilitate higher levels of performance.


HNS Accelerate session

Women of Color
Leadership Development Program

We offer an innovative 4- or 6-month program for women from diverse cultural backgrounds. By combining a psychologically safe learning environment with executive coaching, skill building, and the power of community, women unlock their greatest potential.


Leadership Development Workshops

We offer a range of workshops, both virtual and in-person, designed to address the unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles. These workshops provide insights into overcoming obstacles, developing leadership presence, presenting a strong leadership brand, managing inner critic, championing careers, and managing stress for women leaders.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every organization has its own distinct culture, challenges, and goals. Through customized solutions that embody our essential elements of sustainable change, feedback-rich programming, and accountability and support, we work in partnership with you to address your specific needs and help you achieve your talent goals.


Our approach is measured, based on research and has proven results.
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felt they were a greater contributor or influencer in their company.
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participants increased their level of responsibility.

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more confidence in their role.

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what our clients say

Her New Standard is committed to partnering with organizations to unleash the power of women leaders. 

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“The confidence of the women increased and they are now able to think strategically at a higher level. Their ability to manage themselves was also a great output from the program. We can’t recommend partnering with HNS enough!


Talent Development Manager at BIC

Trusted by Leading Organizations to Advance Women Leaders

delivering results that matter

Here at Her New Standard, we’re all about empowering decision-makers like you. We’ve got the expertise and tools to help you propel your talent management strategies to the next level. Our women’s leadership development programs are engaging, measurable, and tailored to resonate with your organization’s goals. Contact us today to learn how Her New Standard can support your women leaders.

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leadership training and development for women

Women’s leadership development refers to a specialized program designed to nurture and enhance the leadership skills of women leaders across various industries. The program aims to equip women with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to excel in leadership roles, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.
Women’s leadership development is crucial for achieving gender parity in leadership positions and promoting diversity within organizations. It empowers women to overcome barriers, build confidence, and unlock their full potential, ultimately driving positive organizational outcomes, innovation, and improved decision-making.
Our women’s leadership development programs are open to women professionals at many stages of their careers, from emerging leaders to C-suite executives. We welcome individuals from various industries and backgrounds who are committed to advancing their leadership capabilities and driving positive change.
Women-only leadership training programs are essential because research shows that women can better solidify their leadership identity in a supportive community of other women, where it is safe to share their struggles and strategies. Creating a psychologically safe environment empowers women to overcome obstacles and develop key skills. As a result, these programs contribute to closing the gender leadership gap and fostering a more diverse and equitable leadership landscape.

Women in leadership enrich organizations by offering diverse perspectives, fostering collaborative environments, and enhancing decision-making with a wider range of insights. Their leadership contributes to innovation, employee engagement, and overall organizational success.

Our women’s leadership development programs offer a comprehensive blend of interactive workshops, leadership coaching, and peer learning circles. Participants can expect to gain valuable insights, enhance their executive presence, strengthen communication skills, and build a supportive network of like-minded women leaders.
The duration of our women’s leadership development programs varies based on the specific offering. We offer both short-term workshops and more extensive, in-depth programs. Please refer to our program descriptions for detailed information on each option.
Absolutely! We understand that each organization has unique needs and challenges. We offer customizable women’s leadership development solutions to align with your organization’s objectives and tailor the program to address your team’s specific requirements.
Our women’s leadership development programs stand out because they are research-based, include one-on-one executive coaching and a strong emphasis on building a supportive community. We prioritize building self-awareness and mindfulness, ensuring our participants are well-equipped to lead with impact.

To get started, simply reach out to our team. We will guide you through the program options, discuss your objectives, and help you select the most suitable program for your leadership journey.

While our primary focus is on women’s leadership development, we recognize the importance of allyship and male engagement in advancing gender equity. We offer specialized workshops and training opportunities that encourage men to become advocates for women’s leadership and foster a culture of inclusion.
Participants in our women’s leadership development programs report increased influence, enhanced ability to lead with confidence, improved decision-making abilities, and a broader professional network. Many go on to achieve career advancements and most increase their organizational impact and responsibilities.

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Embrace the power of diversity and invest in your female leaders’ growth and development. Together, we can shatter glass ceilings, redefine leadership, and build a brighter future. Join our women’s leadership development programs and be part of a transformative movement driving change across industries.

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