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We understand the pivotal role women leaders play in driving organizational success. That’s why we’ve curated a series of empowering workshops designed to unlock your female talent’s leadership potential, boost career growth, and create inclusive, thriving workplaces. Each workshop is a transformative experience that benefits individuals while empowering organizations.

Choose from these topics or work with us to create a custom women’s leadership development workshop tailored specifically to your organization’s needs and objectives. Workshops are typically 1-1.5 hours.

what holds women back

Research shows that women possess natural strengths as leaders but also face unique challenges. This workshop sheds light on common traps women encounter, hindering their leadership potential. Participants delve into self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, collaborating to identify strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

individual objectives

organizational outcomes

Cultivating a Powerful Presence:
Strategies to Advance Your Career

Many women feel their voices aren’t fully heard in organizations, limiting the benefits of diverse perspectives. This workshop helps participants show up powerfully and own their point of view. It empowers them to crystallize their vision as influential leaders, taking actionable steps to advance their careers.

individual objectives

organizational outcomes

presenting your leadership brand
with confidence

Leaders poised for advancement can clearly and concisely communicate their unique contribution, based on their strengths, values, and the organization’s needs. This workshop guides participants in exploring and articulating their leadership brand, helping them confidently and effectively convey what makes them unique.

individual objectives

organizational outcomes

RE-WIRE: Release that Inner Critic and Achieve Your Professional Goals

How can we use the power of our minds to reach our goals and not be driven by fear? Research indicates that what we tell ourselves impacts our behavior in ways we don’t even realize. People who gain awareness and understand how to manage their inner thoughts and emotions are happier and more successful.

individual objectives

organizational outcomes

strategies to champion your career

There are many factors that contribute to a successful career. Using the HNS Champion Your Career assessment, gain greater awareness of key components that strategically advance your career, identify areas that need greater attention, and build strategies to put into action immediately.

Optional addition: hear tips from a panel of women leaders on how to navigate careers internally.

individual objectives

organizational outcomes

Strategies and Stress Relief for
Women Leaders

The demands of life can be overwhelming, and women often bear the brunt of managing stressors both at home and at work. The objective of this workshop is to better understand the stress response, how it impacts our bodies and minds, and learn tools to help manage it. We will explore how each participant experiences their own stress, and then how they can better support themselves, their teams, and colleagues.

individual objectives

organizational outcomes

Embracing a Culture of Allyship

This session brings together participants and senior leaders to offer an enlightening exploration of the essence of workplace allyship. Allyship is more than a buzzword; it’s a commitment to action that fosters an inclusive, equitable, and diverse organizational culture. Participants will engage in a candid dialogue with a panel of senior leaders, exploring the core principles of allyship, the dynamics of privilege, how these factors influence mindsets and behaviors, and a framework to become more effective allies. We emphasize the importance of humility, courage, and the power of individual actions that are catalysts for change to reach fairness and equity.

individual objectives

organizational outcomes

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Her New Standard is committed to partnering with organizations to unleash the power of women leaders. 

Empower your women leaders with our skill-building workshops

empower your women leaders

with our skill-building workshops

HNS workshops are practical, insightful, and deliver real-life impact. Equip your team with the skills and insights to drive meaningful change and foster innovation, creating a culture of inclusion and organizational success.

Download our brochure for more information or contact us to speak with an expert to determine the solution that’s right for you.

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