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Unlock the capabilities of your under-represented female emerging and senior leaders with Amplify, the award-winning women’s leadership development program by Her New Standard.

The Amplify program does exactly what the name suggests: it raises everyone’s voices, ensuring that all perspectives are not only heard but respected. It is designed to guide women to identify their unique value, broaden their strategic relationships, and contribute at even higher levels.

Community and peer support are more than just buzzwords; they’re the heart of our program. Here, women come together in a psychologically safe, shared space to tackle common goals and challenges, empowering each other to enhance their leadership skills and foster strategic thinking.

In Amplify, every voice is valued, and participants understand the strength in vulnerability, knowing that it’s a powerful place for growth.

amplifying leadership skills

Experience an immersive virtual or hybrid custom program for your organization designed to arm rising stars and senior leaders with the critical skills needed to advance more quickly.

The program offers a flexible curriculum that includes a range of essential leadership skills, with specific content tailored to the program duration (4 or 6 months) and customized to address your organization’s unique needs, such as:

Conquering Your Inner Critic
Recognize and manage the inner voice that holds you back and keeps you small.

Inclusive Leadership
Learn to lead authentically, valuing diverse perspectives, and creating an environment where everyone feels heard, respected, and empowered.

Handling Microaggressions
Equip yourself with strategies to navigate and respond effectively to subtle, bias-driven comments or actions, empowering and advocating for yourself, and fostering a more inclusive environment.

Maximizing Presence
Learn techniques to effectively advocate for your accomplishments, build confidence, and leverage your unique strengths to establish a powerful and influential presence.

Strategic Relationship-Building
Gain effective networking strategies, develop relationship-building skills, and discover how to leverage your network for professional opportunities and career growth.

Work/Life Balance
Acquire practical techniques and strategies to achieve harmony between your work and personal life, prioritize self-care, and cultivate a healthy and fulfilling balance that supports your overall well-being.

Communicating Leadership Brand
Discover how to effectively articulate how your leadership values and strengths intersect with organizational needs, creating the clarity needed to craft a clear career path.

Drive Organizational Success with ACCELERATE:

program elements

AMPLIFY’s 4-month and 6-month women’s leadership programs include:

Build confidence, expertise and focus to advance careers with our virtual or hybrid custom programs.


The participants of Amplify emerge with clear goals, an authentic leadership brand, elevated strategic relationships, enhanced skills in navigating unconscious bias and handling microaggressions, and the ability to advocate for the value they bring.

0 %
felt they were a greater contributor or influencer in their company.
3 out of 4
participants increased their level of responsibility.
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of participants gained
more confidence in their role.


is ideal for women of color who:


is ideal for organizations that: 

award-winning woc leadership development

Her New Standard and Boehringer Ingelheim were honored by the research and insights firm Brandon Hall Group for the Amplify Women of Color leadership development program:

“Best Advance in Leadership Development for Racial/Ethnic Minorities”

Read more about our award-winning partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim »

What Our Clients Say

Her New Standard is committed to partnering with organizations to unleash the power of women of color leaders. 

"Partnering with Her New Standard on the AMPLIFY Program has been a remarkable journey, driven by our shared commitment to fostering Diversity, Inclusion, Culture, & Equity, active manager engagement, and impactful leadership. Through AMPLIFY, we’re proud to equip our participants with the skills, confidence, and tools they need to drive meaningful change within our organization and beyond."

"The past six months were life changing. I was surrounded by phenomenal leaders whose experiences enhanced and improved my mindset. I silenced my inner critic, channeled my inner champion, gained confidence, and increased my network. Thank you Her New Standard for creating such an empowering program. This is an experience that I will draw from for the rest of my life."

"I was just promoted and am so thankful for all your support and encouragement to become a stronger version of myself. I have been taking on many new roles and learnings throughout the year and had many achievements. Learnings from Her New Standard have been an enormous support to my success!"

"Amplify provides me with the opportunity to discover my true self, validate my strengths, enhance my leadership style, and the connections with other women are truly invaluable."

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