Her New Standard shifts old ways of thinking both for the organization and women leaders. With confidence and vision, women bring diversity of thought to the top of the house to offer fresh and innovative ideas. Systems change and businesses thrive.

Introducing Her New Standard

You Spoke, We Listened: Introducing Her New Standard

Exciting news! We can’t wait to share. We’ve grown and with our growth comes a new name – Her New Standard: The playbook for women leaders

Over the winter, we received feedback from our clients, as well as fellow experts in the fields of gender equity and leadership development, and we realized we’ve grown beyond our original name and mission, Moxie: developing the leader within.

It’s simple –

We are determined to shift traditional ways of thinking both for women leaders AND their organizations by establishing Her New Standard.

Research finds that when women are included in critical decisions, the diversity of thought offers fresh, innovative ideas.

With Her New Standard, the focus is on shifting systems, not just women’s behavior and as a result, both women and businesses thrive.

Our expertise still lies in developing women leaders – to ignite their thinking, confidence and greatest potential. With the right skills, these women can have a significant impact on their own careers, their organizations and change norms.

But we also know that for women to thrive, organizations must also change. To achieve gender equity, it takes a holistic solution.

It became clear that as our flagship program, The Leadership Playbook (formerly Moxie Project), advanced women by reframing limiting thoughts and behaviors, it also contributed to changes in their managers and organizational systems.

Naturally, we found ourselves advising managers, CEO’s, and HR Executives on how to better support their female leaders and build a steady pipeline of diverse talent. What do the organization’s most senior leaders have to do differently? What organizational processes and systems need to change?

Here are just a few examples where we impacted our client organizations in broader ways:

Consulted with HR leaders on how to craft their offerings to women based on their differing career stages.

Advised a global bank department head on how to engage their male staff to support his attracting and retaining women initiative.

Customized a workshop series to address a large tech company’s crisis around gender equity.

We tap into Catalyst: Workplaces that Work for Women research and case studies, to send a holistic message to advance gender equity and we do it with each client, workshop and speaking engagement.

We know and research confirms that women leaders develop by getting out of their comfort zones and trying on new behaviors in a safe space. But this growth needs to be supported by also changing the system around them. The interconnectedness of the environment is critical to examine. Most programs lack a holistic multilevel approach.

With this focus on changing organizational norms, we created Her New Standard.

We’ve realized this is what makes us different:

We look at the organization as a whole and what areas within this system need to change to support more women leaders.

We do this through working with senior leaders on culture and processes AND

We offer a research based, measurable approach to developing women leaders.

Our mission is clear and our momentum strong! Watch out status quo….we’re on to you. We’re throwing old norms out the window and creating environments where women leaders thrive. Change is coming with Her New Standard!

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