How to Engage Men as Allies in the Workplace

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Did you know that, at our current pace, estimates suggest it will take 257 years to achieve economic gender parity? Furthermore, almost three in four women report experiencing bias at work, yet only one in three employees challenges biased behavior when they see it. With more than 75% of CEOs including gender equality in their […]

How to Be an Ally to Women of Color at Work

How to be an ally to women of color in the workplace

The recent killing of George Floyd has put racism in America under the microscope and ignited global calls for change, leading many to examine the deep-rooted injustices that exist in our society not only when it comes to police brutality, but in all areas of life including the workplace. As stated by Women of Color […]

4 Tips to Combat Unconscious Bias In Your Organization

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Having a diverse workplace has been proven to result in greater creativity, better decision making and a healthier bottom line. And yet, despite many well-intentioned diversity efforts, we still find mostly white men at the top of organizations. What’s getting in the way? Unconscious bias is one important factor. According to Catalyst, the global non-profit […]