At Her New Standard, we develop women leaders

— to ignite thinking, confidence and greatest potential.

We shift paradigms.

We create better business outcomes.

Women's Leadership Development Programs

Want women leaders to advance more quickly?

We can help.

At Her New Standard, we develop women leaders

— to ignite thinking, confidence and greatest potential.

We shift paradigms.

We create better business outcomes.

At Her New Standard, we develop women leaders

— to ignite thinking, confidence and greatest potential.

We shift paradigms.

We create better business outcomes.

what we do

We create leaders.

We change behaviors. Our unique method focuses on structured accountability that increases change, ensures measurable results and extends far beyond traditional leadership development.

Her New Standard elevates the unique value every woman brings to the workplace. We’ve rewritten the playbook to advance women’s leadership, where their unique voices and capabilities create better outcomes, not just for their own careers but for the collective workplace. We care deeply about unleashing potential so women can thrive and impact the world in a meaningful way.

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who we are

When women ascend to leadership positions, the collective only gets stronger.

We are a team of organizational leaders, PhDs, and leadership consultants with rich, real-life experience. We are passionate and committed about guiding organizations to maximize their female talent so they reach their fullest potential –– crushing that proverbial glass ceiling.

We created Her New Standard to set a new norm for women leaders –– to help them rise up in today’s competitive world and make their mark. We understand organizational systems, cultural dynamics and women. Our work stimulates change that leads to breaking through barriers so women can create their own new standard.


We offer individual and organizational solutions that unlock the potential of women leaders to drive better business outcomes.

hns accelerate

An innovative 6-month program for women leaders to unlock potential and accelerate career development. Combining:

• Executive coaching
• Skill building
• Peer accountability
• Building mindset capacity

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virtual fast track

An innovative virtual 4-month program for women leaders that catapults women to new levels of influence and impact. Encompassing:

• Executive coaching
• Skill building
• Increased self awareness and emotional agility

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executive coaching

One-on-one focused development to enhance leadership capacity and facilitate increased performance. The guidance of an expert coach, combined with behavioral assessments, goal-setting and accountability, results in greater self-awareness, enhanced problem-solving and higher performing teams.

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customized programs

We recognize organizations have their own unique cultures, challenges and goals. Using the essential elements that make HNS successful, we partner with you to understand your needs and create the right solution for your organization, enabling you to reach your talent goals.

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women of color
leadership bootcamp

An innovative multi-month virtual leadership bootcamp for women of color that covers important topics such as:

• Handling micro-aggressions
• Self-advocating
• Leadership presence & brand
• Emotional agility and expanding influence

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Engaging virtual workshops on key topics build critical skills and foster inclusive communities within your organization.

• What Holds Women Back
• Cultivating a Powerful Presence
• Presenting Your Leadership Brand with Confidence

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Our approach is measured, based on research and has proven results.

of participants
report being very or extremely satisfied with their progress.

of managers
indicate a positive change in their employees’ leadership behaviors as a result of our programs.
of participants
reported an increase in their level of responsibility.


Feb 2023 - Jul 2023

AMPLIFY, so all voices are heard

Multi-cultural Leadership Development Bootcamp


Mar 2023 - Jun 2023

Fast Track

Women’s Leadership Bootcamp


Apr 2023 - Sep 2023

HNS Accelerate

For Women Leaders on the Rise


Jun 9, 2023

HNS Women’s Leadership Development Roundtable


hns news

Impostor syndrome

Transparency in Business: How Women Leaders Can Build Trust in the Workplace

Trust is vital to any relationship. It’s no surprise then that trust also is paramount to the relationship between employees and their organizations. Companies that focus on creating a culture of trust enjoy higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and commitment to the organization’s mission and goals…

How to say no for women leaders

How Women Leaders Can Say “No” to Drive Career Growth

Early in their careers, women often distinguish themselves by being willing to take on any task that’s thrown at them–and doing it well. They become known as dependable team players who take the meeting notes and plan the teambuilding events. However, this reputation has its downsides…

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