In a recent installment of Her New Standard’s Roundtable Series on Advancing Women in the Workplace, leaders in talent, DEI, and learning converged to discuss the latest trends impacting women’s leadership development. The lively conversation yielded key recommendations that address the challenges and opportunities facing women professionals today.

Fix the Broken Rung for Equal Advancement

Appoint a Bias Monitor:

Introduce a dedicated role to monitor and address biases in promotion discussions, fostering a fair and inclusive environment.

Tailored Career Development Programs:

Citing a recent McKinsey study, the discussion highlighted that 67% of high-performing companies offer career development programs specifically tailored to women, emphasizing the need for targeted support.

Track, Be Transparent, and Hold Accountable:

Advocate for transparent tracking of gender representation, coupled with holding leadership accountable to drive progress and equal opportunities.

Treat Women’s Advancement as a Systemic Issue

Leaders as Champions:

Start the change at the top by enlisting leaders to actively champion initiatives that drive women’s advancement.

Empower All to Address Bias:

Empower everyone in the organization to address biases, fostering a culture of inclusivity and equality.

Increase Mentorship, Sponsorship, Allyship:

Promote a supportive network by increasing mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship programs specifically designed for women.

Managers are Key

Inclusive Approach:

Include managers in the process of creating and implementing women’s initiatives, ensuring their perspectives contribute to a more successful strategy.

Manager Training:

Provide training for managers to ensure they have a growth mindset and can cultivate it in others.

HNS appreciates all those who contributed to the knowledge-sharing. By fostering a collaborative environment and sharing experiences we can collectively drive positive change and pave the way for increased gender diversity in leadership.
For those interested in joining the Roundtable Series, click here to apply and contribute to the ongoing efforts of Her New Standard in shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for women in the workplace.

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