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Our signature, 6-month women's leadership bootcamp creates transformational outcomes.

HNS Accelerate is an innovative 6-month program for women leaders that combines comprehensive evaluation (including 360-degree feedback review), one-on-one executive coaching, 8 virtual skill building sessions, and the power of peer accountability to unlock potential and accelerate career development.

Women emerge from our bootcamp as better influencers, strategists and self-advocates who challenge the status quo.

Rising Leader Development

fast track

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Our 4-month streamlined program catapults women to new levels of influence and impact.

Fast Track is a 4-month virtual leadership bootcamp for women with 6-12 years of leadership experience that combines one-on-one executive coaching, 6 virtual skill building sessions and access to a community of women leaders from diverse industries. Our innovative approach is proven to accelerate development and amplify impact.

executive coaching

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Executive Coaching enables transformational shifts

Research shows coaching is one of the most powerful ways to advance careers because it’s completely customized to the client’s unique challenges and goals. HNS offers executive coaching for rising leaders and senior executives to enhance leadership capacity and facilitate higher levels of performance. Through behavioral assessments and guidance, our clients gain greater self-awareness, enhanced emotional agility, and increased influence.

Our 3- and 6-month coaching engagements include:

  • 360-degree assessment to increase self-awareness and shape development goal
  • Action plan to drive desired change:
    • Strengths to leverage as well as behavioral and cognitive shifts needed to enhance reputation and results.
    • Behavioral assessment (DiSC®) to gain insight into style and how to flex approach for better results.
  • One-on-one meetings with a highly experienced, certified executive coach who offers a confidential sounding board and fresh perspectives to:
    • Explore beliefs and actions that are incongruent with desired outcomes.
    • Increase understanding of the impact of behavior.
    • Strategize ways to overcome challenges.
  • Stretch assignments and accountability that results in lasting change.

woc leadership bootcamp

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Want high potential women of color to advance more quickly? We can help.

Our program is an innovative 4-month virtual leadership bootcamp for women of color that combines executive coaching, skill building, and the power of peer accountability to unlock potential and accelerate career development. Women emerge from our bootcamp as better influencers, strategists and self-advocates who challenge the status quo.


(virtual or in-person options available)
What Holds Women Back

Research shows that women have natural strengths as well as challenges as leaders. This workshop highlights the traps women need to avoid to optimize their leadership potential. Self limiting beliefs and behaviors are examined as participants challenge and support each other to identify strategies to overcome these obstacles.

As a result of this workshop, attendees will:

• learn what impedes women’s progress in organizations
• brainstorm steps to overcome obstacles
• build a community by sharing struggles and strategies with other women

Cultivating a Powerful Presence: Strategies to Advance Your Career

Women often feel their voices are not heard and as a result organizations don’t get the benefit of diverse perspectives and innovative thinking. By identifying attributes of successful leaders, participants crystalize the vision they have of themselves as an influential and impactful leader and identify actions that will advance their careers.

As a result of this workshop, attendees will:

• learn what characteristics are key to successful leadership and explore the challenges women face.
• reflect on and own their strengths and begin to articulate their vision as a leader now and in the future.
• commit to actions that communicate greater levels of confidence and clarity.

Presenting Your Leadership Brand With Confidence
Leaders’ ability to clearly and concisely communicate what they stand for can determine how effectively they can motivate, influence and inspire others. Participants will explore and articulate a clearer picture of the beliefs and values that drive them and their approach to leading others.

As a result of this workshop, attendees will:

• explore their beliefs and values and reflect on how that shapes them as a leader.
• create a Leadership Brand Statement that communicates strengths and contributions to business success.
• present to others and increase self-confidence and ownership of who they are as a leader.

RE-WIRE: Release that Inner Critic and Achieve Your Professional Goals
How can we use the power of our mind to reach our goals and not be driven by fear? Research indicates that what we tell ourselves impacts our behavior in ways we don’t even realize. People who pay attention and understand how to manage their inner selves, thoughts, and emotions are happier and more successful.
Strategies to Champion Your Career
There are many factors that contribute to a successful career. Using HNS Champion Your Career assessment, gain greater awareness of key components that can strategically advance your career and identify areas that need greater attention and build strategies that you can put into action immediately.
Strategies and Stress Relief for Women Leaders
We are in unprecedented times, and for people even in the best circumstances, stress has overwhelmed many working professionals. The objective of this workshop is to better understand the stress response, how it impacts our bodies and minds, and learn tools to help manage stress. We will explore how each participant experiences their own stress, and then how they can better support their team, colleagues, and family.

custom hns solutions


We recognize organizations have their own unique cultures, challenges and goals. Using the essential elements that make HNS successful, customized solutions can be created to address your needs, enabling you to achieve your talent goals.

Our essential elements reflect a commitment to:
• sustainable change through managerial and organizational involvement.
• feedback-rich programming that evokes a desire for others’ perspectives.
• accountability and support that drives clarity and confidence in leaders.

We partner with you to understand your needs and create the right solution for your organization.

Want to enhance your executive presence, overcome imposter syndrome, and hone your self-advocacy skills?


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