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Want high potential women of color to advance more quickly? We can help.

Our program is an innovative 4-month virtual leadership bootcamp for women of color that combines executive coaching, skill building, and the power of peer accountability to unlock potential and accelerate career development. Women emerge from our bootcamp as better influencers, strategists and self-advocates who challenge the status quo.

our solution

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The war for talent along with a heightened awareness of the need for diversity and inclusivity presents an opportunity for businesses to take a hard look at their cultures and create environments where everyone thrives.

Women of color, in particular, are voices we need to hear more of. And this group has historically struggled to advance into influential senior roles. Often lack of psychological safety, unconscious bias, a culture of microaggressions and a lack of meaningful development strategies are obstacles to their progress. Engaging both women of color and their managers is essential to unlock potential that benefits both individuals and companies.

key elements of our woc programs

Tools – Women of color need tools to handle micro-aggressions so that they can self-advocate in a way that also educates those around them. Participants share challenging situations and get support and strategies from peers and coaches to equip them for success.

Mindset – We help women examine their beliefs so that they can determine what is serving them and what they need to let go of. Participants learn to identify the voice of the inner critic and manage their thoughts and emotions with a mindfulness-based approach.

Stretch assignments – HNS programs are highly interactive and designed to move participants out of their comfort zones to where the growth happens. We challenge women to try new behaviors and they expand their view of their capabilities as a result.

Individualized one-on-one executive coaching – A key differentiator of our programs is the 3 hours of one-on-one coaching that participants receive from highly trained, certified executive coaches. This allows them to overcome individual challenges and barriers to success.

meet our expert facilitator

The cohort will be co-facilitated by Simone Morris, an executive coach, engaging facilitator and expert in diversity and inclusion.

Here Simone shares her enthusiasm for the program:

program elements

How we get women of color ready now for more senior roles

Assessment and Goal Setting: Participants solicit feedback and measure progress against one key leadership goal. Self-awareness is enhanced through the DiSC assessment.

Skill Development:
6 virtual training sessions develop these critical areas:
• handling microaggressions
• managing the inner critic
• identifying unique contribution and communicating Leadership Brand
• maximizing presence and impact
• developing emotional agility
• building strategic relationships that lead to advancement

One-on-one coaching:
3 hours of executive coaching addresses unique development challenges, stretches perspectives and challenges habitual thinking.

Membership: Peer groups share insights, ideas and inspiration. Members expand self-awareness through peer feedback.

Manager Involvement
Participants’ managers give input on development goal and feedback on progress throughout program. Managers are briefed and enlisted as partners in development process.

who should attend

Women of color with 6–12 years experience who are on the fast track for greater responsibility.


Our signature four-month program includes:

  • 6 virtual, highly interactive skill building sessions
  • 3 virtual executive coaching sessions
  • DiSC assessment
  • Assignments between sessions to apply learning and internalize new behaviors.


The investment for our WOC leadership bootcamp is $5,100.

ready to get started?

Together, let’s cultivate a culture where everyone thrives! Call us at (203)-722-8347 or email ellen@hernewstandard.com to reserve space for your high potential women of color today.