WOC Leadership development

Want to fast track the development of high potential women of color?

HNS offers innovative, multi-month leadership intensives for women from diverse cultural backgrounds. By combining a psychologically safe learning environment with executive coaching, skill building, and the power of community, women unlock their greatest potential. Our participants emerge with clear goals, an authentic leadership brand and the ability to advocate for the value they bring.

key elements of our woc programs

Assessment and Goal Setting – Participants solicit feedback and measure progress against one key leadership goal. Self-awareness is enhanced through assessments such as DiSC ® and strategic thinking.

Skill Development – Virtual training sessions develop these critical areas:

  • Articulating and owning Leadership Brand
  • Enhancing presence and impact
  • Elevating emotional agility
  • Building strategic relationships that lead to advancement
  • Handling microaggressions

Mindset – Participants learn to identify the voice of the inner critic and the inner champion to better manage their thoughts and emotions with a mindfulness-based approach.

Individualized one-on-one executive coaching – A key differentiator of our programs is the one-on-one coaching that participants receive from highly trained, certified executive coaches. This allows them to overcome individual challenges and barriers to success.

Stretch assignments – HNS programs are highly interactive and designed to move participants out of their comfort zones to where the growth happens. We challenge women to try new behaviors and expand their capabilities as a result.

Membership – Peer groups share insights, ideas and inspiration. Members expand self-awareness through peer feedback.

Manager Involvement – Participants’ managers give input on development goal and feedback on progress throughout program. Managers are briefed and enlisted as partners in development process.

meet our expert facilitators and coaches

Cohorts are coached and facilitated by our uniquely talented, diverse bench of experts:

who should attend

Multicultural women with 6–12 years’ experience who are on the fast track for greater responsibility.


The investment for our 6-month learning experience is $9000

The investment for our 4-month leadership intensive is $5,100.

ready to get started?

Together, let’s fast track the development of diverse women! Call us NOW at (914) 844-1382 or email denise@hernewstandard.com to launch a program in your organization.

Want to enhance your executive presence, overcome imposter syndrome, and hone your self-advocacy skills?


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