How to Manage Your Manager

Managers are often managing multiple people and overseeing various initiatives, so your relationship may not be one of your manager’s top priorities. However, it should be one of yours…

Words of Wisdom for Women Leaders

This month, we are honored to have four of Her New Standard’s executive coaches share some words of wisdom with us. Each has extensive experience working with women leaders…

Quiet Quitting: What Companies Should Know

Quiet quitting

The term “quiet quitting” is a misnomer, as employees aren’t actually leaving their jobs. Rather, it means that employees are staying in their jobs, but committing to doing only what is specifically required of them, and nothing more.

Summer 2022 Resource Roundup for Women Leaders

Essential Resources for Women Leaders - Her New Standard

As we enter the final month of the summer season, we have gathered a list of resources related to women’s leadership development that we recommend reading, watching and listening to. Whether you’re on the road and looking for a good podcast or on the beach searching for an article or book to inspire you, we […]

How To Improve Your Leadership Presence

Woman presenting to group in work meeting

Leadership presence: You know it when you see it, yet it’s difficult to define what exactly “it” is. That’s because leadership presence isn’t one isolated quality but a powerful combination of personal and interpersonal skills that elicits confidence from others, builds trust and motivates those around you to rally behind your ideas and vision. It’s […]

6 Steps to Support Women Leaders Through COVID-19

Stressed woman working from home with children

The coronavirus pandemic has left no life untouched, forcing each of us to reinvent how we live and work. (Did any of us really end 2019 thinking that the hottest accessory of 2020 would be a face mask?) However, while we’re all feeling the effects of this time, it’s becoming increasingly clear that women – […]

Gratitude: The Secret to Leading Effectively Through Crisis

Leading with gratitude through crisis

As we near the end of 2020, it’s safe to say that the only predictable thing about this year has been its unpredictability. Each day we wake up with new questions, worries and fears about the coronavirus pandemic and what the future holds for our government, organizations, and families. As a leader during this time, […]

Authentic Leadership: What It Is and Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Woman leader speaking to group of people in meeting

With pay cuts and furloughs rampant, work responsibilities increasing and no end to the coronavirus pandemic in sight, stress levels are at an all-time high for many workers. As such, it’s no surprise that over 70% of American professionals report suffering from burnout, citing lack of separation between work and home, unmanageable workloads, and worries […]