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What is Your Leadership EQ: Rigid, Intelligent, or Agile?

Ever wondered how your leadership style influences your team’s performance? Your approach and emotional disposition wield significant power, shaping outcomes in ways you might not even realize. So, are you an emotionally rigid, intelligent, or agile leader? Let’s uncover the characteristics of each leadership style and how they shape organizational dynamics.

Communicating leadership brand

From Reflection to Action: How to Effectively Communicate Your Leadership Brand

A well-defined leadership brand serves as a powerful asset that sets you apart from the crowd. After creating or refreshing your leadership brand, the next step is to amplify it in a manner that resonates with authenticity and impact. Read four clear examples of how you can communicate your leadership brand to a mentor, ally, stakeholder, or peer.

How to Refresh Your Leadership Brand

Revisiting Your Leadership Brand – Is it Time for a Refresh?

At Her New Standard, we believe it’s crucial for women leaders to be intentional about building and communicating a personal leadership brand. Keep reading to learn our top tips to ensure your personal leadership brand remains strong and effective as you kick off the new year.

Redefining Leadership: 4 Strategies for Organizations in 2024

As we step into 2024, the role of leadership is undergoing a transformation, driven by societal shifts, technological advancements, and changing employee expectations. To remain competitive and foster a positive organizational culture, here are four strategies that organizations can employ to redefine what their leaders are known for in 2024.

Imposter Syndrome Strategies for Women Leaders

5 Strategies for Turning Imposter Syndrome into a Stepping Stone

Imposter syndrome, no stranger to many of us, makes us doubt our worth and capabilities, despite a track record of success. But is it truly a roadblock, holding us back from realizing our full potential? Or, could it possibly serve as a stepping stone to something greater?

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

The term “imposter syndrome” has now become quite ubiquitous, and individuals suffering from it often use it to describe feelings of inadequacy and the belief