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Strategic thinking for women leaders

Developing Your Strategic Edge: From Thinking to Action

In discussions on leadership, the ongoing debate over the interplay between strategic and tactical thinking is critical. Strategic thinking encompasses long-term vision and planning, while tactical thinking prioritizes immediate actions and problem-solving. The challenge lies in striking the right balance between these two approaches…

The Power of Strategic Thinking and 3 Key Steps to Develop It

In the early days of your career, your success was defined by your productivity and proficiency in specific tasks. You may have even been promoted to your first leadership role based on those competencies. However, as you progress in your career, you may find that those very skills that got you here can inadvertently hold you back from moving into senior leadership roles. Why is that?

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Shaping the Future: Strategic Thinking Strategies for Leaders

Strategic thinking is the linchpin of effective leadership, offering leaders a powerful tool to navigate challenges, foster innovation, and drive organizational success. It extends beyond routine operations, providing leaders with the ability to anticipate, plan, and execute initiatives aligned with long-term objectives. Keep reading to learn four examples of how leaders can showcase strategic thinking.

Imposter Syndrome Strategies for Women Leaders

5 Strategies for Turning Imposter Syndrome into a Stepping Stone

Imposter syndrome, no stranger to many of us, makes us doubt our worth and capabilities, despite a track record of success. But is it truly a roadblock, holding us back from realizing our full potential? Or, could it possibly serve as a stepping stone to something greater?

How to say no for women leaders

How Women Leaders Can Say “No” to Drive Career Growth

Early in their careers, women often distinguish themselves by being willing to take on any task that’s thrown at them–and doing it well. They become known as dependable team players who take the meeting notes and plan the teambuilding events. However, this reputation has its downsides…

Words of Wisdom for Women Leaders

This month, we are honored to have four of Her New Standard’s executive coaches share some words of wisdom with us. Each has extensive experience working with women leaders…