7 Tips for Men to Support Gender Equity in the Workplace

How Men Can Support Gender Equity in the Workplace

We were thrilled to have W. Brad Johnson, PhD and David G. Smith, PhD from Workplace Allies join our HNS Women’s Leadership Development Roundtable to share their insights on Men as Allies: Best Practices for Powerful Gender Partnerships.

3 Reasons We Make Bad Decisions (and How to Fix them)

Woman at desk in office

Did you know that the average person makes around 2,000 decisions every hour? With so many decisions to make, it’s inevitable that we’re going to make bad ones from time to time. While it’s nearly impossible to eliminate poor choices altogether, bringing awareness to some of the most common reasons why you make them can […]

6 Essential Habits for Women Leaders

Good Habits Make Good Leaders - Her New Standard

Creating a new behavior or changing a negative behavior that has been ingrained in you for years – maybe decades – can seem insurmountable. But shedding old habits for better ones is worth the effort and is an important step to becoming an effective leader in your organization. What habits are particularly critical for women […]