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How to give and receive feedback in the workplace

Courageously Giving and Receiving Feedback in the Workplace

Feedback is a critical skill for leaders at every level. In this blog, we break down how to: 1) ask for feedback proactively, 2) receive feedback with an open mind, and 3) give others feedback effectively and constructively. These strategies can transform the feedback process from a potentially uncomfortable interaction to a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Resilient woman leader

The Resilience Code: Decoding the Unique Factors that Fuel Women Leaders

Resilience in women leaders isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. Understanding and decoding the unique factors that contribute to the flexibility and strength of women leaders provides valuable insights, guiding organizations in crafting tailored strategies to fortify resilience through targeted initiatives.

Partner Perspective: Work-Life Wellness with HNS Co-Founder Karen Kirchner

Karen’s journey mirrors the struggles many of us face—overwhelm and overwork. Yet, she realized it wasn’t the job’s demands causing the strain. In this month’s Partner Perspective, HNS Co-founder Karen Kirchner has some invaluable insights to share to reduce overwhelm and discover a more balanced life.

Work-life balance for women leaders

Is Work-Life Balance Attainable for Women Leaders?

At HNS, we often hear frustration with too-heavy workloads, overwhelming home obligations and no time for self-care. We regularly speak to women who are on the verge of burnout, pushing themselves relentlessly in all areas and not feeling successful at anything…

Imposter Syndrome Strategies for Women Leaders

5 Strategies for Turning Imposter Syndrome into a Stepping Stone

Imposter syndrome, no stranger to many of us, makes us doubt our worth and capabilities, despite a track record of success. But is it truly a roadblock, holding us back from realizing our full potential? Or, could it possibly serve as a stepping stone to something greater?




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